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National Organization for Women (NOW) Hosts Annual Conference in Orlando, Fla.

Women’s rights activists from across the U.S. will come together to honor feminist leaders, build organizing skills, and set NOW’s strategic agenda for the year to come. NOW members will also vote to elect the next president and vice president of the organization, with results to be announced Sunday morning.


The C.B.O.’s Keeping Score—We’re Losers. Now It’s Time To Win Back Our Health Care Rights

Donald Trump loves calling people “losers” so much that he’s backing a health care plan that would put tens of millions of Americans on the losing side of the ledger. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score of the House health bill found that 23 million people would lose all coverage, and about half the country… Read more »


Voters Will Remember Who Took Their Health Care Away

Today’s narrow vote for a disastrous health care bill will come back to haunt House Republicans.

NOW In The News

Plotting an O’Reilly Comeback With an Eye on Fox

As the National Organization for Women president, Terry O’Neill, said to me, “Any network that hires him, what they’re doing is sending a message to women: ‘We don’t care about sexual harassment.’”

Issue Advisory: Research Needed for ME/CFS

ISSUE ADVISORY: NOW Foundation Women’s Health: Research needed on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Neglected and Misdiagnosed Disease that Strikes Mostly Women May 10, 2017 Rivka’s Mysterious Illness – When NOW member Rivka Solomon was 21 years old, she contracted mononucleosis. However, instead of recovering normally, she remained sick and incapacitated for a year. She… Read more »

O’Reilly Show Loses More Advertisers Over Sexual Harassment Claims

Pressure continued to mount on Fox News on Tuesday to address harassment accusations against its top-rated host, Bill O’Reilly, as the National Organization for Women called for his ouster and five companies said they were pulling their advertisements from his show.

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How To Be An Ally To Muslim Women & Truly Embrace Intersectional Feminism

Intersectional feminists need to show up for Muslim women in the face of these dueling axes of oppression, because we cannot push for the rights of some without working towards the rights of all.

I’m Pregnant. I’m A Mom. I’m Also An Abortion Provider.

I trust my patients to make the right choice for themselves, just as I have made this one for myself.

How one woman harnessed people power to ‘save’ old New York

New film tells story of Jane Jacobs’s battles against the wealthiest developers in the city